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Stainless Steel Cutlery Insert for 500mm wide Drawer

Catalogue number:W-SZ-PRB500I

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We recommend this product be used in our cabinets and cannot guarantee they will fit into other drawer units.

The benefits of this product are:

Made of Stainless Steel - more durable than plastic inserts.

Easy to clean - put it in the dishwasher

A modular system - you can rearrange the individual trays to your own preference.

Easy to install, no cutting needed, no professional trades person needed.

You can take them with you when you move kitchens

Easy to lock in place as you can screw them in if needed.

Works best in conjunction with a non slip mat beside it in wider drawers, for longer items such as serving spoons, knives or spatulas to stop them moving around.

For drawers 900 wide, two inserts work really well.

This particular cutlery insert comes with an extra divider, providing you the ability to arrange the cutlery, in more ways than one.