The Best Hardware For Your Kitchen

Blum is a supplier of high quality kitchen hardware, their goal is to not only meet expectation but to exceed it. Blum is well known and valued as an innovative family-owned company that operates on an international scale.

Here at Kitchen Cabinets and Stones our goal is to offer a superior product. That is why our Premiere range comes standard with Blum hinges. Additionally Blum drawer runners are available as an option across all of our cabinets.

If you already have a kitchen whether it be bought from us or somewhere else, why not upgrade to Blum hardware? New hinges and drawer runners can breathe some life in to a tired kitchen. You can find Blum hinges and runners for purchase under our Blum hardware section on the website.

Space Corner

Corner space is often wasted or not put to optimal use. A friendly alternative to conventional corner solutions is the Blum "Space Corner" Drawers.
Full extensions use every inch of storage space available and give you clear visibility of all contents. Work surfaces are often in corners. Corner full extensions are the ideal place to keep kitchen utensils and other implements. Everything is within easy reach and exactly where it’s needed.

Blum hinges

Clip top hinges are extremely practical to use, featuring a clip-on structure to provide easy installation and removal. The hinges feature a soft closing mechanism that can be turned on and off at the flick of a switch.

These hinges come packaged with our Florence Set and Premiere range cabinetry providing a long lasting and useful solution for your kitchen cabinets.

Blum runners

Blum runners provide a lightweight and smooth gliding system. With excellent stability and a strong structure these drawers are incredibly strong.

Our drawer units on the website can be found with DTC runners or Blum.
If you are wanting nothing but the best for your new kitchen then these drawer runners are well worth the upgrade and we cannot recommend them enough.