Click&Collect instructions

Contactless Click&Collect is available.

Buy online and collect your Order in our Rosedale store.
Shop from the safety and comfort of home with the confidence of knowing that the product you need will be in store ready for contactless collection. Our completely free Click&Collect service is available at our Rosedale warehouse.

Please talk to any of our Sales Staff available via phone or online to discuss any details of your Kitchen order.

How does it work?
  1. Select your products online via our shopping cart or call our Sales Support to place your Order;
  2. Define your collection date according to the availability of products and the convenience to schedule your pickup date;
  3. Receive your order confirmation from our Sales Staff;
  4. Make a payment either online or via contactless Paywave at the front of our showroom;
  5. Pick-up your Order at our Rosedale warehouse;
  6. Park your car at the designated area “in front of the cones”;
  7. Your Order will be placed outside of the Warehouse area, and your Order number will be identified on the boxes so you can check it;
  8. Check your Order according to the Packing Slip attached to the boxes before you load the goods;
  9. Sign off the Packing slip receipt and deposit in the box at the area of the front racks;
  10. You will have to load your vehicle in your own, as we are not allowed to have close physical contact under COVID-19 restrictions;
  11. It is recommended you bring someone to help you load your vehicle as most of our items are heavy or oversized boxes;