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Here at Kitchen Cabinets and Stones we have one main showroom located in Albany, Auckland. This is also the location of our warehouse, where all our products are stored and where orders and products are dispatched from. Our staff at the showroom are more than willing to help you choose a kitchen style and work with you on possible design ideas. No bookings necessary!

To help make the decision making process easier we have a large range of our products on display. This includes our Julia High Gloss White range, with corner cabinets, pantries, base cabinets/drawers and wall cabinets on display. There is also a display of our more economic Niki range, where you can see the quality and get an idea of sizing. Our most impressive display range by far however is our Euro range, which fills most of our showroom space, allowing us to showcase the different colour options, and have our more interesting and popular units on display for you to interact with.


  • Niki Kitchens
  • Perfect for a kitchen on a tight budget, rental properties, laundries and garage storage.
  • ☑ European made
  • ☑ Comes Flat-packed
  • ☑ DIY Assembly Manual
  • ☑ Adjustable Feet
  • ☑ 1 year warranty
  • ☑ Free 96mm Plastic Handles
  • ☑ Melamine Satin White finish
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  • Julia Kitchens
  • Perfect for those looking for an affordable kitchen that still looks and feels high end.
  • ☑ European made
  • ☑ Comes Flat-packed
  • ☑ DIY Assembly Manual
  • ☑ Adjustable Feet
  • ☑ 2 year warranty
  • ☑ Free 160mm Metal Handles
  • ☑ Soft Close door system
  • ☑ Vinyl Thermowrap Gloss White Doors
  • ☑ Moisture-resistant Doors
  • Browse Julia cabinets
  • Euro Kitchens
  • Perfect, if you are looking for a high quality kitchen for your home
  • ☑ European made
  • ☑ Comes Flat-packed
  • ☑ DIY Assembly Manual
  • ☑ Adjustable Feet (up to 400kg load)
  • ☑ 5 year warranty
  • ☑ No standard handles included
  • ☑ Soft Close door system
  • ☑ Premium Soft Close Drawers
  • ☑ Vinyl Thermowrap Doors
  • ☑ High Gloss or Matte finishes
  • ☑ Large Range of Colours
  • ☑ Moisture-resistant Doors
  • ☑ Moisture-resistant HMR Body
  • ☑ Options with Recessed Handles or 'Push-To-Open' are available
  • Browse Euro cabinets

NIKI Kitchens

Niki is a more economic system. It comes with plastic handles, adjustable feet, standard drawers and hinges. Doors are made from satin white standard melamine board with PVC edging. There is a smaller range of cabinet sizes available in this range, but for a price that is cheaper than some second had cabinets Niki is perfect for a kitchen on a tight budget. It is fantastic for rental properties, second kitchens, laundries or garage storage.

JULIA Kitchens

Julia range is our best-seller and comes in the very popular high-gloss white finish, which is currently the number one kitchen finish in New Zealand. Julia comes with MDF thermal wrapped foil doors, stainless steel handles, adjustable feet and Soft Close door system. The Julia is perfect for first home buyer renovations, people renovating for selling their home, higher end rental properties and for those looking for an economical kitchen that still looks and feels high end.

EURO Kitchens

Euro is our premium system. In the Euro system the doors and cabinets are packaged separately which allows us to offer you a wide range of different colour options. The colours are available in both high gloss and matte finishes, which allows for a modern high gloss kitchen look as well as a classic cottage or rustic look with the matte finishes.
You have the option of different handles including the very streamlined look with recessed handle, or the use of latest engineering of the "push-to open" no handle system.
The cabinets are made from 16 mm HMR moisture resistant board with solid 16 mm thick back. It also comes with German made Wurth adjustable feet with 400 kg load, Italia made soft close hinges and fully extendable soft close metal runners which have a 50 kg load capacity. The Euro range has a vast rage of cabinet size options available including several corner solution accessories. If you are looking for a high quality kitchen that will last for years to come, will look so good you can't help but show it off then the Euro range is for you.


We have a variety of kitset kitchens on offer from our two most popular ranges, Julia and EURO. These each have different cabinet finish options as well, ensuring you have a wide variety of options to choose from. The design style that you select will heavily influence your choices in selecting any of the other elements in the kitchen.

A good idea in the planning stage is to start by collecting magazine photos of kitchens to get a feel for what you do and do not like. They will give you great ideas for all things kitchen related. Our cabinets have many different styles and finishes on offer. If you cannot find a kitset that suits your needs or if you wish to add on to a kitset, all of our ranges are available to purchase as separate cabinets as well.
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Their high quality and stunning looks are just some of the trademarks of our sinks. Our wide variety of styles, finishes and sizes allows every customer to find a sink that suits their needs. Our range includes granite, stainless steel and ceramic kitchen sinks. All of our models come with a universal 3.5-inch drain and fittings that allow for easy installation including waste and overflow fittings.
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Our kitchen taps combine modern technology and design solutions with high quality finishes and components. All of our taps come with a 7-year warranty and a ceramic head. Our broad and diverse collection of taps make it easy for every customer to find a tap that suits their function and design needs.
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Assembly video for European made corner wall unit 600x600mm W60/60NW

Frequently asked questions

A: High gloss white finish doors are the same for both Julia and Euro systems. The bodies are different. Please see cabinet descriptions.
A: Fillers are used to fill spaces between end cabinets and walls, create additional spaces between cabinets or between cabinets and appliances for drawers and doors to clear, and close up odd gaps. Panels are required when you have a unit that is at the end of a run and can be seen. It is required to cover the side of the unit/carcass and will match the colour of your doors. There are various types of end panels – base (BEP), wall (WEP), tall (FEP or TEP) and microwave cabinet end panels.
A: The doors for Julia and Euro systems are made from thermo-wrapped foil on 16mm MDF. The doors for Niki are made from melamine with PVC edging. The cabinet bodies for Niki and Julia are made from standard furniture board. The cabinet bodies in the Euro system are made from HMR (highly moisture resistant) board.
A: Our stone bench tops have a 5 year warranty on workmanship of the joins and should the stone crack through no fault of your own. The stone surface is heat and stain resistant, however if you chip or deeply scratch the surface it will not be covered by warranty. If you have damaged the surface, it will be less protected, especially for granite tops. In this case it is possible for stains to seep into the stone if not cleaned up.
A: We can send a professional installer to plan the kitchen out for you for a consultation fee of $100, and then provide a quote based on this plan. Should you choose to go ahead with our kitchen, we will discount the installation cost by $100. (Locations further out from central Auckland may incur an additional non-refundable charge)