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Rome - Doors for 900mm wide Pantry Cabinet with Three Drawers

Catalogue No.:DOOR-S90/222/2DSZ3-ROME

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Note: This product contains more than one component. Because of that, the price and the quantity depend on components' combination and availability. If the component(s) is available on backorder only, the product will be issued only after all the components arrive on Estimated Time Arrival (ETA). Please see the section 'Components' or contact us for details.

Italian made doors:

Pantry doors:

447mm wide

1345mm high

19mm thick

Top drawer door:

897mm wide

141mm high

19mm thick

Bottom drawers doors:

897mm wide

284mm high

19mm thick

Rome Soft Touch doors are made in Italy from high quality materials. They score high in scratch resistance testing and chemical resistance. The pigment of the door colour is very UV-stable meaning it is fade resistant and will retain its colour well. Facing materials used on the panels are phthalate free, so they won’t leech out of the doors into your home environment. Additionally the panels are PVC free, further reducing any health risks they could pose. Finally the panels VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission levels are well below the industries accepted minimum levels. 

These doors are made with wood from responsibly managed forests as proven by their FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. In addition to this these doors are certified by TÜV showing that they are made using a virtuous interaction between man, the environment and technology.

These doors come with a protective film covering when purchased which must be removed once installation is complete or within 6 months of delivery (whichever comes first) in order to ensure no adhesive residue remains on the surface.

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  • Depth: 19 mm
  • Width: 447 mm
  • Height: 2083 mm

* The values above are for unpacked and assembled product