RIGHT Opening Blind Corner Cabinet Insert with Soft-Stop Magic Corner

Catalogue number:101006

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Product description:

This insert are right opening, please check your kitchen layout before purchasing to ensure this is the correct orientation for you.

Please note: this corner unit requires 1200mm from the wall to the end of cabinet, if you are unsure please contact us via email on: info@kitchencabinets.co.nz

This unit has been designed specifically to fit the kidney inserts and other corner solutions for our blind corner units. As such it is designed with a wider door (450mm wide) than our 950mm wide corner unit (300mm wide door) so the kidney insert can pull out. This corner unit therefore when used in your kitchen will have an empty space behind it of 200-300mm.

Cabinet Dimensions:

900mm wide,

870mm high,

580mm deep (plus filler panel it is 667mm)

Corner cabinets come with different hinges. These hinges are not soft close hinges, however all corner cabinets are supplied with additional "Arctic Slow-down Buttons". This is a grey button that slows down the closing of the doors, having a similar effect to soft close hinges.

Coming with:

Another incredible advancement in corner solutions this Soft-Stop Magic Corner enables easy access to all items stored within your blind corner cabinet. With metal shelving and smoothly gliding runners this corner solution is extremely functional and durable. 

This particular accessory if for the Soft-Stop Magic Corner that is right opening.