Milan Set 600mm wide 350mm deep Wall Cabinet with Two Doors

Catalogue number:MILAN-SET-WD60/72

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Product description:

Milan Set cabinets come as a complete flat-pack in one box, including the carcass, door, handle and individual toe kicks. Replacing our old Niki range, these cabinets are a major step up in quality and durability. 

Italian made FGV hardware is used for the door hinges and drawer runners in our Milan cabinets. The 16mm thick melamine doors are made from moisture resistant board with edges glued on with polyurethane (PUR) glue which is also highly moisture resistant. 

Additionally, these cabinets come with high quality feet which have a solid build quality and are designed to be durable. They have a compression weight capacity of approximately 400kg/leg. Each cabinet has a metal handle and individual toe kick included. The toe kicks are cut melamine board with the same white front as the cabinet carcass (note it is not the white of the door front). Finally, the cabinets now have a 16mm thick back, making the cabinets much more solid, sturdy and durable.

Please Note: the screws that come packaged with the handle are for 18mm thick doors. However if you go into the package of hardware that comes with the cabinet you will find screws that are the correct length to attach your handles to the 16mm thick doors you have purchased with your cabinet.


Facade material:Melamine
Facade shape:Slab
Facade colour:Milan Set


 Brand: Milan set
 Facade material: Melamine
 Facade shape: Slab
 Facade colour: Milan Set
 Facade colour: Milan Satin White