Blum Clip Top Hinge 110 Hinge Set with BLUMOTION (Standard Cabinet Hinge)

Catalogue number:BLUM-HINGE-110-BLUMOTION-SET

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The Blum Clip Top 110 degree hinge set is the best solution for standard cabinet hinge requirements. Innovative BLUMOTION technology has been integrated into these elegant hinges, ensuring soft and effortless closing to any cabinet door.

Smaller and lighter cabinet doors that display difficulty in closing can be adjusted by deactivating the BLUMOTION technology with the flick of a switch. This allows for top quality motion for doors with features such as Push to Open.

The set includes both the 110 Clip Top BLUMOTION Screw on Hinge and the 0mm Pre-Screwed Mount. Each set is sold individually.


Item SKU: BLUM-71B3550 (110 Clip Top BLUMOTION Screw on Hinge)

Item SKU: BLUM-173L8100 (0mm Pre-Screwed Mount)