Free 3D Kitchen Planning online tool

Saving the Changes

To save your Kitchen design as a file on your computer, select 'Save PDF' from the menu. That will give you a general picture of your Kitchen Design, plus, in addition, it will include: plans, measurements for different elevations and a full list of products and sizes in the Kitchen plan.

You can also load the design again in the future by copying the design number starting with 'd' fom the top of the PDF file page (e.g. d12345678910) and then selecting 'Open existing design' when starting the Kitchen 3D planner.

Clicking 'Make a screenshot' from the menu will take a snapshot of your Kitchen design as you see it, so that will allow you to save a picture of the design right away on your computer.

If you would like a better quality for the picture of your Kitchen design, select 'Render design' from the menu. You can position the plan to get the best angle of your Kitchen design.

Once you are ready, hit 'Confirm'.

You then have the option to request a fast render, or the maximum quality render of your Kitchen - the image result will be sent to you in an email once our system has processed the Kitchen Render request.

If you are happy with buying your freshly designed Kitchen, you can convert your Kitchen design to an Order by selecting 'Checkout' from the bottom of the menu. This will take you to the order page where you can review your order and enter your details.

If you have any queries regarding your Kitchen order please contact our sales team - just make sure that you keep the order number or design number handy.