Soft Closing Internal Basket for 500mm Wide Base Cabinet

Catalogue number:WE03.8488.01.002-500mmSOFTCLOSE-BASKET

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Product description:

Full size single basket insert for Euro 500mm wide cabinet. This basket is made of metal to ensure durability and strength. It has a load capacity of 20kg. Perfect for storing your fruit and veges in your kitchen or functioning as a hidden laundry hamper in a modern laundry.

The dimensions of this system are:

Width: 451mm

Depth: 488mm

Height: 537mm

Will fit into our 500mm wide single door Euro base cabinet with the SKU: EURO-S50


Facade colour:Silver


1x INSERT CHROME PULL-OUT 500MM - WE03.8488.01.002
 Facade colour: Silver

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