Show-Hand Corner With Soft Stop

Catalogue number:101011

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Product description:

The show-hand corner accessory with soft stop is a new innovation in utilising the space in corner cabinets. The shelving is split into two sections which pull out individually. You pull out the first section of shelving using the black handle shown in the image. Then you pull the shelves along, away from the corner. This clears the space in-front of the cabinets door again, and pulls along the second lot of shelves that were further back in the cabinet. This second lot of shelving can then be pulled out as well.

These metal basket shelves are designed to allow easy access to all your items, and clear visualisation of where everything is stored, when the shelving is pulled out. The frustration of reaching to the back of your corner cabinet for items or losing storage space due to lack off accessibility is removed with this ingenious design. 

These metal basket shelves are universal and therefore the left and right opening is same. 

This basket is designed to fit our Euro 900mm blind corner base cabinet (EURO-S90N-P45) with a 450mm door; this cabinet requires a minimum space of 1200mm from the wall to the end of the cabinet. It can be made to fit in 1100mm if you are short on space.

If the cabinet with this insert is next to a deeper item such as an oven, dishwasher, fridge, pantry or oven tower, there may be a very narrow margin of clearance.

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Please Note: The corner accessory needs a blind corner cabinet with a door that is a minimum of 450mm wide.