Oxford - 600mm wide Microwave Wall Cabinet

Catalogue number:OXFORD-W601K-MI

Price range: $211.00 – $240.00

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European made Cabinet

600mm wide,

720mm high,

490mm deep

The cabinets are made from 16mm HMR moisture resistant board with a solid 16mm thick back. Comes flat packed with MDF thermowraped foil doors. Does not include Handles. Corner cabinets come with different hinges. These hinges are not soft close hinges, however all corner cabinets are supplied with additional "Arctic Slow-down Buttons". This is a grey button that slows down the closing of the doors in a similar effect to soft close hinges.

The classic nature of Oxford's shaker pattern adds quality and enduring style to any kitchen. The slightly raised border gives enough detail to catch the eye, as a nod to more traditional designs, while the simple recessed panel complements features more inherent to more modern styles.

This simple, yet versatile, profile ensures that these kitchens retain a timeless sense of design that won't fall out of fashion. The Oxford door profile can come in any of our matte or wood grain foils. Please talk to your sales assistant for more details.