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J-Pull - 900mm/800mm wide corner base cabinet

Catalogue #:J-PULL-S90/80

Price range: $480.00 – $568.00

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European made 900/800 or 800/900 Base corner cabinet.

This cabinet is reversible, but the shorter door will always need to be opened first. As such, drilling should be selected for the side of the cabinet this shorter door will be mounted on.

Please be aware a gap will be present where the handles of the two doors meet - please see enlarged image for further detail.

The cabinet body is made from 16mm HMR moisture resistant board with a solid 16mm thick back. Comes flat packed with adjustable feet. Does not include Toe-kick, Handle.

J-pull Lacquered White Doors are made in Italy from the highest quality materials. They are 22mm thick MDF with white melamine on the back. On the front and edges of the door there is a double coating. First a coat of polyester was applied. This was then covered by a coat of PU lacquer in white. 

At 22mm thick these doors are made to be sturdy and durable. Helping you create a kitchen that looks great and will last the distance. With a lacquered white finish on the front, these doors have been designed to be the epitome of class and elegance. Making your kitchen space look modern and reflecting the high quality workmanship that has been put into your entire kitchen.