Integrated TIP-ON Mechanism


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Product description:

Simply push to open and close cabinet doors with the TIP-ON system from Blum. This mechanical motion system is designed to work in conjunction with BLUMOTION technology, allowing  access with a simple push.

Each TIP-ON Mechanism for BLUMOTION Hinges is designed with incorporated housing and a bumper tip, allowing for whisper quiet operation. The housing allows for the unit to be adjusted from -1 to 4 mm for custom fit, and can be installed directly into the cabinet carcass for a seamless finish, or they can be used in conjunction with the Tip-On Large In-Line Adapter Plates where integration is not feasible. Tip-On Mechanisms are available in 3 colours to compliment the cabinet carcass: Silk White, Platinum Grey and Terra Black.

TIP-ON Mechanism is designed for operation with a single door 250 mm or wider that uses spring hinges. Optimal opening support is achieved if the Tip-On unit is installed exactly where the handle would be. Additional units should be purchased for cabinets with multiple doors, or where fixing position deviates by more than 300 mm. Tip-On In-Line Adapter Plates to operate this mechanism are available where integration is not feasible, and can be purchased separately. Please see the attached manual for planning and assembly specifications.

Please note BLUM technology requires an experienced and competent technician to install. This item is not suitable for DIY installation, and should not be purchased without due consideration. No further technical support can be given beyond the provided assembly and installation instructions and video's available from Blum.


1x TIP-ON for doors (Set), long version, with magnet (07156066)