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Inoxa Mechanism Pull Out Pantry Basket Support Bracket

Catalogue number:INOXA-PANTRY-PULL-OUT-BRACKET-W400-600-850G50

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This item is the bracket for a 300 to 600mm pull-out pantry in the Mechanism series. To make a full pull-out pantry you will also need to purchase the corresponding bracket, runner and cabinet. Please note X denotes the variable size (300 to 600mm).

5 baskets are required for a full pull-out pantry, and so it is recommend purchasing a set of 2 and a set of 3 for each pantry (Set of 3: INOXA-PANTRY-BASKETS-WX00-SET-3-1816/X0-50C2, Set of 2: INOXA-PANTRY-BASKETS-WX00-SET-2-1816/X0-50C2).

The pull-out runner compatible with this bracket is the INOXA-PANTRY-PULL-OUT-RUNNER-WX00-850A/X0-50GFDF (Includes INOXA-PANTRY-PULL-OUT-BRACKET-WX00-816ST1X0). 

Supplier code for this product: 850G50