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Body for 600mm wide pantry Euro

Catalogue No.:S60/222/60-BODY

Price: $270.00

Only 4 left

Can be backordered, ETA: 24/06/2019

Note: This product contains more than one component. Because of that, the price and the quantity depend on components' combination and availability. If the component(s) is available on backorder only, the product will be issued only after all the components arrive on Estimated Time Arrival (ETA). Please see the section 'Components' or contact us for details.

This item is the BODY ONLY. Includes all parts needed to assemble it including hinges, screws, ( if applicable; drawer runners and drawers but NOT drawer fronts) but NOT including Doors or Toe kicks.
Body Diagram for Pantry S60/222/60/1D for Kitchen Body for 600mm Wide Universal Pantry [EURO-BODY-S60U/222/60]
(1 included, Only 4 left - Can be backordered. ETA is on 24/06/2019)
Body for 600mm Wide Universal Pantry

Euro Foot for kitchen cabinet Adjustable Foot - Euro x1 [EURO-FOOT]
(4 included)

  • Depth: 600 mm
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Height: 2220 mm

* The values above are for unpacked and assembled product