Blum SERVO-DRIVE Bracket Profile with 5 Drive Units

Catalogue number:BLUM-SERVO-DRIVE-BRACKET-Z10T750A5K1

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Product description:

Effortlessly open and close drawers with the SERVO-DRIVE system from Blum. This electronic motion support system incorporates BLUMOTION technology, allowing efficient and ergonomic access with a simple push.

The SERVO-DRIVE bracket profile allows for cabinets with multiple drawers to utilise the SERVO-DRIVE system, and is ideal for our four drawer cabinets. This product includes the bracket profile at 670mm height, four SERVO-DRIVE units and corresponding accessories. An additional SERVO-DRIVE can be purchased for particularly heavy drawers. A SERVO-DRIVE transformer kit set is required to operate this drive, and can be purchased separately.

Please note BLUM technology requires an experienced and competent technician to install. This item is not suitable for DIY installation, and should not be purchased without due consideration. No further technical support can be given beyond the provided installation instructions.

Item SKU: Z10T750A5K1


Facade colour:Silver


1x Blum SERVO-DRIVE Bracket Profile with 5 Drive Units
 Facade colour: Silver