Berlin - 150mm wide 2220mm high Tall Filler or Toe Kick Panel

Catalogue number:BERLIN-PANEL-2220H-150W

Price range: $132.83 – $181.50

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Product description:

European made Panel:

150mm wide,

2220mm high,

19mm thick

Please note: Orientation Vertical/Horizontal is based on "High" of the panel.  Example: Panel 2400 high has the vertical orientation, when used as tall filler panel and horizontal orientation when used as Toe kick.

Berlin offers a domestic warmth, accompanied by a charming ambience that enlivens surfaces and reflects the style of your home. Their minimalist design makes these doors suitable for any environment. Additionally, the refined atmosphere this range brings to your home allows you to combine the pleasure of cooking with the enjoyment of entertaining and relaxing. These doors have a story and a personality that is designed to be enjoyed every day.

Berlin is an innovative range designed to go with an integrated aluminium handle, which can be purchased in the same finish as the door, or in one of the other finishes available (Matte Black, Mountain Oak, Winter Oak and White Matte). The panels are 19mm thick, PVC faced MDF. For the wood finishes, the latest printing method has been used to give exceptional definition to the wood grain.

These premier panels bodies come with a 10-year warranty.


Facade material:Thermal-Wrapped One side
Facade shape:Slab
Facade colour:Winter Oak Vertical


 Brand: Premier
 Facade material: Thermal-Wrapped One side
 Facade shape: Slab
 Facade colour: Winter Oak Vertical