Sarezzo - Colapasta/Colander CM. 28 M/Casa

Catalogue number:SAR-PIN-CUTLERY-10

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Italian made cutlery. Titanium, bronze, gold: our cutlery comes alive and becomes unique and unforgettable. Thanks to our sophisticated and avantgarde technologies, our most beautiful and classic cutlery becomes design cutlery and a real treasure for the table. The Tresure cultery describes a variety of vaccum deposition methods used to deposit this films by the condensation of vaporized form of the desired film material onto various workpiece surfaces. The result is a higher hardness surface and the possibility to obtain different colors without altering the polished steel


Facade colour:Silver


1x Sarezzo - Colapasta/Colander CM. 28 M/Casa
 Facade colour: Silver