Rhodes - Doors for 900mm wide Two Drawer Base Cabinet with Top Hidden Drawer

Catalogue number:RHODES-DOORS-S90-1W-SZ2A

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This item is for the DOOR(S) and/or DRAWER FRONT(S) ONLY.

Does NOT include cabinet body, or where applicable: hinges, drawer runners, feet, screws, toe kicks or handles.

Rhodes Lacquered Door(s). European made door/s to fit a three drawer base cabinet:

900mm wide,

360mm high,

22mm thick

Door sizes may vary 1-2mm per door.

Please note: the back of the door is white.

Rhodes Lacquered Doors are made from the highest quality Italian materials. They are 22mm thick MDF with the colour lacquered on all sides. First a coat of polyester was applied, this was then covered by a coat of PU lacquer.

At 22mm thick these doors are made to be sturdy and durable. Helping you create a kitchen that looks great and will last the distance. With a lacquered finish on the all sides, these doors have been designed to be the epitome of class and elegance. Making your kitchen space look modern with a dash of classic style that has stood the test of time and reflects the high quality workmanship that has been put into your entire kitchen.


Facade material:2 Pot Lacquer
Facade Shape:Shaker
Facade colour:White Snow Gloss


1x Rhodes - Doors for 900mm wide Two Drawer Base Cabinet with Top Hidden Drawer - White Snow Gloss
 Brand: Premier
 Facade material: 2 Pot Lacquer
 Facade Shape: Shaker
 Facade colour: White Snow Gloss