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Rapsodia 1-bowl sink with draining board

Catalogue No.:ZQR_S113

Price: $499.00

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Finish: Grey Metallic

* Includes automatic  pop-up waste.

European made Granite sink. These sinks are made with 80% natural granite and 20% resin, giving them outstanding strength and endurance.

This sink is:

Impact resistant

Resistant to temperatures up to 250 Celsius

Resistant to thermal shock


10 Years Warranty

Outflow 3,5"

length 860mm

width 500 mm

Chamber depth 210 mm

Ingredients:  Graphite 80% Granite, 20% Resin

Automatic drain closing

Overflow in chamber

Siphon included

Chamber shape Parallelepiped


Includes pipes, drainage and overflow accessories.

To fit cabinet: Minimum 600mm wide

Please read the document attached in the product gallery to help take care of your granite sink

Recommended Daily Care

Regular cleaning at least once per week is important to maintain the appearance of your sink. Use a soapy nylon brush in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly. Washing liquid is also recommended.

Rinsing and drying after use is very important to eliminate any film build-up that may develop from hard water deposits.

Impregnation with oil once every two weeks is necessary to keep the granite sink in good condition. Impregnation must be done by applying silicon oil, available from us, or cooking oil, all over the clean and dry sink surface.

Most stains are a result of water-borne minerals. Such stains can collect in the film build-up and can generally be avoided with the daily care recommendations above. Persistent stains can be removed with a variety of non-abrasive cleaners (which you may find in our catalogue), vinegar (for lime scales) or bleach solution. Always rinse thoroughly after using any cleaners.

What To Avoid

Strong alkalis (ammonia and caustic soda solution) are not recommended.

Abrasive cleaners - this will dull and scratch the surface and make it more susceptible to stains.

Drain unblocking chemicals that involve filling the sink with water should not be used.

Do not put hot pots or frying pans directly on the sink.

Do not use the sink as a chopping board.

Do not throw or drop heavy or sharp objects inside.

 Rapsodia 1 Bowl Granite Sink with Draining Board for Kitchen Rapsodia 1-bowl sink with draining board [ZQR_S113]
(1 included, Only 1 left)

  • Depth: 860 mm
  • Width: 500 mm
  • Height: 210 mm
  • Weight: 16 kg

* The values above are for unpacked and assembled product