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Catalogue #:NIKI-2x(S80),S60,S40SZ3,W80SA,W80,W60,W40

Finally available in NZ, European made brand new Kitchen Cabinets made to NZ standards.

Kitchen Cabinets and Stones Limited brings you NIKI. European made Kitset kitchen made to NZ specification, standard depth 583mm deep and standard height, 870mm h plus 30mm thick bench tops gives you 900mm from floor to top of the bench tops.

The NIKI system is made using quality materials comes with handles, adjustable feet and each cabinet is packed in its own box.

Kitchen includes:

Base units

1 x 800wx870hx580d - Sink Cabinet

1 x 400wx870hx580d -3 Drawer unit

1 x 600wx870hx580d - 2 dr cupboard

1 x 800wx870hx580d - 2 dr cupboard

Wall Units

1 x 800wx720hx303d - 2 dr cupboard

1 x 400wx720hx303d - 1 Dr cupboard

1 x 600wx720hx303d - 2 Dr cupboard

1 x 800wx720hx303d - 2 Dr Glass front cupboard

Extra cabinets are available including a corner, 600mm wide pantry.

This set consists of 8 individual cabinets & can be customised to whatever suits you - let me know if you want to add, subtract or change cabinets.

This is supplied as flatpack to minimise freight costs.

Includes handle.

Does Not Include Bench tops and Does not include SINK

Interior - White

Doors - WHITE

Carcass and Toe Kicks - white