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Milan - 150mm wide 2220mm high Tall Filler or Toe Kick Panel

Catalogue #:MILAN-PANEL-2220H-150W

Price range: $50.00 – $65.00

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European made Panel:

150mm wide,

2220mm high,

19mm thick

Please note: Orientation Vertical/Horizontal is based on "High" of the panel.  Example: Panel 2400 high has the vertical orientation, when used as tall filler panel and horizontal orientation when used as Toe kick.

The Milan range of melamine doors denote a sharp shape and style, ideal for those kitchens that maintain a classic and enduring style throughout the years. Available in various finishes, Milan kitchens can be created to suit a simple and refined design, through to the more bold and inventive displays.

Sourced from Italy, each door is manufactured from high moisture resistant particle board, clashed on all four edges, and sealed with polyurethane for increased moisture resistance. To facilitate installation, each door comes pre-drilled for hinge and handle attachment.

The White Satin finish allows for a minimalist approach, and is designed to match the Milan Set range for a cost-effective kitchen. The Walnut finish denotes a dark wood grain pattern, which can be orientated to flow either vertically or horizontally. The White Oak finish extends the wood grain patterns available into a lighter shade, allowing for more open and fresh designs. The Concrete finish sets the tone for a raw and industrial setting to the kitchen composition. Please note the back of each Milan door will be sealed in the White Satin finish.

Please note: the Milan doors do not come with handles provided, so if you are purchasing Milan Satin White doors to match Milan Set cabinets, you will need to purchase matching handles separately. Please feel free to contact us for further information.