Italian Cherish Collection Table Fork

Catalogue number:Italian Cherish Collection Table Fork

Price range: $21.00 – $29.00

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This is for one fork with a choice of finishes.

Minimum order quantity is 24 pieces over the cutlery range.

Italian Cherish Collection gathers unique models for design and finishes. It is a collection dedicated to people in search of exclusive and out of the ordinary items. Design and smart finishes create on the table harmonies and contrast playing with the colors to create pleasure for the eyes. 

Italian Cherish Collection are finished with Physical Vapor Deposition process, an innovative coating technology to deposit a thin film on many different kinds of base materials that guarantees an exceptional superficial hardness. The result is a hardness surface and the possibility to obtain different colors without altering the polished steel. 

Made in Italy. High quality luxury collection. These cutlery are right for your house, business or if you are looking for a nice present for your family and friends.

Please note: These items are on an order basis and can be ordered for you with a 50% deposit. They will take between 3-4 weeks to arrive after ordering.

Also other items are available by request, for example: desert spoon, dessert fork, dessert knife, tea-coffee spoon, mocha spoon and pastry fork.