Florence - Doors for 900mm Wide On-Bench Pantry

Catalogue number:FLORENCE-DOORS-WD90/132/TOP

Price range: $265.00 – $340.00

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This item is for the DOOR(S) and/or DRAWER FRONT(S) ONLY.

Does NOT include cabinet body, or where applicable: hinges, drawer runners, feet, screws, toe kicks or handles. 

European made bi-fold door/s to fit an on bench pantry unit:

900mm wide,

1320mm high,

314mm or 580mm deep.

Florence High Gloss White: The cabinets are made from 16mm HMR moisture resistant board with solid 16mm thick back. Comes flat packed with MDF thermowraped foil doors, adjustable feet. Does not include Toe-kick, Handle. The door on this cabinet is 18mm thick for added durability and resilience.

Does not include Toe-kick, Handles.

Door measurements are: four doors at 1314mm high, 222mm wide and 18mm deep.

Door sizes may vary 1-2mm per door.

Please note: the back of the door is white.

We recommend attaching handles vertically to the doors when next to tall items or walls as attaching them horizontally will impair the doors from opening fully. If unsure, please ask Kitchen Cabinet staff for help.