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Florence - Door for 780mm Blind Corner Wall Unit

Catalogue #:DOOR-FLORENCE-W78N-P45

Price range: $90.00 – $120.00

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NB: When installing this cabinet beside an oven, pantry or fridge you will need to ensure there is clearance for the door to open. If not we recommend the use of a filler panel on either side of the cabinet.

Florence High Gloss White 450mm door made to fit on:
European made Wall Blind Corner Cabinet
780mm wide,
870mm high,
580mm deep

Door measurements are: 715mm high, 447mm wide and 18mm deep

Corner cabinets come with different hinges. These hinges are not soft close hinges, however all corner cabinets are supplied with additional "Arctic Slow-down Buttons". This is a grey button that slows down the closing of the doors in a similar effect to soft close hinges. 

The door on this cabinet is 18mm thick for added durability and resilience.

Please note that the back of the door is white.