Brescia - Vaporgrill 26X26 With Lid Explora

Catalogue number:BRE-RIS-PAN-02

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VaporGrill Dr.Green: the taste of grilled food and the benefits of cooking with the vapor technology. Two methods called at the same time, for the first time: a product 100% Made in Italy.The bottom of the pan, with its 10 mm grill lines, assures the creation of less water vapor, in order to optimize both cooking methods performance. The glass lid creates the perfect humidity level, guaranteeing a slow and healthy cooking, preserving the nutrients while cooking. VaporGrill DrGreen is the perfect pan that offers you taste and energy saving at the same time.


Facade colour:Green


1x Brescia - Vaporgrill 26X26 With Lid Explora
 Facade colour: Green