Brescia - Dr Green Frypan 20Cm Green Stone

Catalogue number:BRE-RIS-PAN-08

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Rediscover the pleasure of cooking! Good health starts in a good pan. Made in Italy, these pans are non-stick and due to the patented formulation, food doesn’t stick, and they are certified PFOA free. Its also unnecessary to use oils and fats, so fat free cooking is now truly possible, making a healthy lifestyle easier to achieve. Not to mention, the non-stick coating makes them a dream to clean. Open the door to wholesome and flavoursome foods! SAFE HEALTHY COOKING HAS INORGANIC WATER-BASED COATING DOUBLE LONG LIFE NON-STICK GREENSTONE CAST ALUMINIUM 100% MADE IN ITALY


Facade colour:Green


1x Brescia - Dr Green Frypan 20Cm Green Stone
 Facade colour: Green