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Acrylic Splashback 670mm x 1520mm Black

Catalogue number:Splashback-Acrylic-Black


Our European made Acrylic Splashbacks are the perfect contemporary alternative to tiles or glass splash backs. The high gloss colour options we have on offer allow you to infuse your space with colour, transforming it with ease. Acrylic splashbacks allow home owners to exercise their creative freedom, with very DIY friendly capabilities. At just 4mm thick these splashbacks are a great lightweight alternative!

Please ensure that you keep your acrylic splashback away from fires, gas ovens etc as they can melt and get damaged.

Acrylic splashbacks boast a variety of features including:

- Easy to clean

- Difficult to scratch

- Lightweight

- Can be cut down to size

- Waterproof

- Mould Resistant

These come with a 10 year limited warranty