800mm Stainless Steel Modular Cutlery Insert

Catalogue number:CUT80-STAINLESS-STEEL-E0650DA

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Modular stainless steel cutlery insert for 800mm wide drawer units*.

Comes with modules as pictured, designed to be rearranged to suit your preference. 

Non-slip mats are suggested to be used with the product.


658mm Wide
472mm Deep
64mm Tall

Features and benefits:

Made of Stainless Steel - making for a durable and robust product.
Easy to clean - can even be put in the dishwasher.
Modular system - trays can be rearranged to work how you want it.

* Please note that the cutlery insert is 658mm wide while the internal drawer cavity of our 800mm drawers is approximately 710mm.
See image detailing how the product fits our drawer unit.