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600mm Oven tower with 2 drawers Julia (High Gloss White)

Catalogue No.:MODERN-S60SZ2-KU/222/60-EXCEL

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Note: This product contains more than one component. Because of that, the price and the quantity depend on components' combination and availability. If the component(s) is available on backorder only, the product will be issued only after all the components arrive on Estimated Time Arrival (ETA). Please see the section 'Components' or contact us for details.

European made Oven tower Cabinet

600mm wide,

2220mm high,

600mm deep

Oven Cavity has the following dimensions:

Depth: 580mm

Height: 595mm

Width: 568mm


High Gloss White Colour for Kitchen 600mm Oven tower with 2 drawers - Julia-Pro (High Gloss White) [MODERN-PRO-S60SZ2-KU/222/60]
(1 included, Only 7 left)
600mm Oven tower with 2 drawers - Julia-Pro (High Gloss White)

Julia High Gloss white

Comes flat packed with MDF thermowraped foil doors, stainless steel handles, adjustable feet, Italian made soft close hinges and soft close drawers.

Comes flat packed to minimise freight cost.

Oven Heat Deflectors Approximate Dimensions Oven Heat Deflector Strips [HEATDEFLECTOR]
(1 included)
Oven Heat Deflector Strips

These heat deflector strips are designed to protect the surrounding cabinets from the heat of steam coming from your oven. While they are not a guaranteed form of prevention for heat damage, they are proven to be very effective at deflecting the heat away from nearby cabinets.

These heat deflectors can be used in our base cabinets or our tower oven units. However the base strip is only long enough to fit into our 600mm wide cabinets, not the 900mm wide oven cabinets.

Our heat deflectors come in a set with a strip for either side and a strip down the bottom. 

PLEASE NOTE the heat deflectors are silver and made of metal, the image provided is simply to demonstrate where the heat deflectors will go.

  • Depth: 600 mm
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Height: 2220 mm

* The values above are for unpacked and assembled product