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1200 - Swing Trays (Left Opening)

Catalogue #:101114

The latest in kitchen design and innovation, these corner swing trays offer an ingenious way to utilise corner spaces. The smoothly gliding rails enable you to easily pull out the shelves, even with large weights being stored on them. Each shelf comes out separately, so you can access what you need, when you need it. Each shelf comes out of the cabinet completely, allowing access to items stored at the back of the shelves too. In addition the top of the shelves are covered in a non-slip surface to prevent your items moving when you swing the trays out or back into the cabinet.

This is a 1000/1200 Swing Tray designed to fit in our 1150 wide blind corner cabinet with the SKU: EURO-S115N-P. 

This cabinet accessory is left opening.