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A: High gloss white finish doors are the same for both Julia and Euro systems. The bodies are different. Please see cabinet descriptions.
A: Fillers are used to fill spaces between end cabinets and walls, create additional spaces between cabinets or between cabinets and appliances for drawers and doors to clear, and close up odd gaps. Panels are required when you have a unit that is at the end of a run and can be seen. It is required to cover the side of the unit/carcass and will match the colour of your doors. There are various types of end panels – base (BEP), wall (WEP), tall (FEP or TEP) and microwave cabinet end panels.
A: The doors for Julia and Euro systems are made from thermo-wrapped foil on 16mm MDF. The doors for Niki are made from melamine with PVC edging. The cabinet bodies for Niki and Julia are made from standard furniture board. The cabinet bodies in the Euro system are made from HMR (highly moisture resistant) board.
A: A high gloss foil is wrapped around the front and side edges of the panels and bonded using heat and a special adhesive.
A: Julia and Euro systems come with soft close hinges and soft close drawers. The exception to this is corner cupboards which come with standard hinges and slow-down close buttons to give a similar ‘soft close’ effect. Also the 200mm wide pull out basket base cabinet and the pull out rubbish bin have standard closing runners.
A: Drawer cabinets do not come with cutlery trays/inserts. However we can supply these for certain size drawers at an extra cost. Look in the accessories section of our products.
A: Once you have finished the installation and cleared the space of all tools etc. you can remove the film. Once removed it is advised to allow 7 days before cleaning or touching the doors as this will give the thermal wrap surface time to react with the air and harden. This will ensure maximum scratch resistance of the surfaces.
A: We have containers of stock arriving every 2-3 weeks, however the containers do not contain every item. Therefore the wait could be up to 3 months as this is the time it takes to manufacture and ship our items from Europe.
A: Unfortunately we cannot accept returns due to change of mind, so make sure you select the appropriate items prior to purchase. Please contact us for more details.
A: Please check all boxes and make a COMPLETE list of any missing items. Each box has an assembly manual with a list of all the items included. Each item has a unique code – you need to provide us with this code(s) for the missing item(s) and quantity that are missing. Then email us this list to
A: Read the note attached to the palette about damage. You must mark the delivery driver's con-note as ‘DAMAGED’. Please call us right away.
If you collected your items from our warehouse and discover damage to your products inside the packaging, you must bring them back to us and we will inspect and replace them for you.
A: Yes, our cabinets are packed individually so you can buy any amount you like.
A: Delivery cost is calculated by the size and weight of your order and the delivery destination. If you place an order online there is a shipping calculator before checkout. Simply fill in your location and zip code and click update to add the delivery cost to your order. Alternatively you can send us an email with a list of your order and address and we will inform you of the shipping cost.
A: We can provide delivery to almost anywhere in New Zealand for an additional charge, or you can pick up your items from our warehouse in Albany.
A: Euro range cabinets come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty. Julia range cabinets come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty. Niki range cabinets come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.
A: Our stone bench tops have a 5 year warranty on workmanship of the joins and should the stone crack through no fault of your own. The stone surface is heat and stain resistant, however if you chip or deeply scratch the surface it will not be covered by warranty. If you have damaged the surface, it will be less protected, especially for granite tops. In this case it is possible for stains to seep into the stone if not cleaned up.
A: Our cabinets are manufactured by our factories in Europe using the latest standards of technology. We then import them directly to our warehouse. We source all our parts from Germany, Italy and Poland.
A: Yes. All our cabinets come in flat-pack boxes including assembly instructions, hinges, runners, screws etc.
A: We can send a professional installer to plan the kitchen out for you for a consultation fee of $100, and then provide a quote based on this plan. Should you choose to go ahead with our kitchen, we will discount the installation cost by $100. (Locations further out from central Auckland may incur an additional non-refundable charge)
A: Depending on your choice of system. Within the Euro system there is a choice of different colours/finishes for the fronts. You can view these on our website or our catalogue. The Julia system comes in High Gloss white or Sonoma Oak, and the Niki system comes in only Satin white.
A: Niki and Julia systems include an individual toe kick per cabinet, made of matte white standard melamine board. Euro cabinets do not include toe kicks. Thermal wrapped foil MDF toe kicks can be purchased and are available in High gloss white , and also other colours to match Euro colour choices.
A: No. Benchtops are not included in the price. We can supply custom made laminate or stone benchtops in a wide range of colours. These are priced based on the layout of the kitchen, and number of cut-outs for sinks, hob, taps etc.
A: Niki system cabinets include silver composite handles (96mm). Julia system cabinets include stainless steel square handles (160mm). Euro system does not include handles, except when you choose ‘Zobal’ finish which includes recessed aluminium handles.
A: To an extent, Yes. Euro system cabinets can match Julia system cabinets if you choose ‘High Gloss White’ colour and add Julia stainless steel handles. This way the cabinets will look identical, just the internal hardware will be different. This may help if certain cabinets are out of stock or only available in 1 system.
A: Yes you can. All our cabinets are standard New Zealand sizes. So the depths and heights for all types of cabinets is standard.
Here’s a link if you wish to buy the bodies separately: Bodies for kitchen cabinets
A: Yes you can. However our doors are standard NZ sizes. So you’ll need to make sure they will match with the carcass. Here’s a link if you wish to purchase doors or drawer-fronts only: Doors for kitchen cabinets
A: Our end panels are 16mm thick.

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