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Where’s the heart of your home? For most people, you don’t have to look any further than the kitchen. The room that fuels the mind, body and soul, and brings together friends and family all over the world. What’s not to love?

But finding the right kitchen is a significant investment – physically, emotionally, and especially financially. That’s why we’ve been itching over here at Kitchen Cabinets and Stone to start this blog. Honestly, who better to help you design and build that perfect kitchen, saving you time and tears? Ever since we realised the perfect solution to that frustrating compromise of cost and quality, we’ve been importing stylish European kitchenware to help Kiwi’s create their dream kitchen. That answer? Flat-pack.

It can be hard sometimes, being a small country with a big heart on the far side of the globe. And while we wouldn’t trade our Kiwi lifestyle for the world, we seem to draw the short straw when it comes to how much we pay for stuff. We’ve all had friends and family rave about how chic and cheap things seem to be overseas. And you know what? When we looked around, we realised they were right. We couldn’t find any high quality, decent kitchens that wouldn’t have required us to take out a mortgage.

So we thought - why not why not bring in our own? And flat-pack was the perfect answer. Not only could we get fantastic kitchens at a great price, their efficient delivery all the way here and around the country makes it cheaper and simpler. But the best part? Their easy storage means we have them here. In store. For you. Because who likes waiting?

Some people might be put off by rolling up their sleeves and knocking their own kitchens together. But if there is one thing Kiwi’s are known for, it’s their No.8 wire, DIY attitude. And if you can score yourself a bargain along the way? That’s when we knew we had a winner.

So that’s why we decided to brave this scary online world and get into the blogosphere. Kitchens can be complicated. Doesn’t matter whether you’re changing things up with a remodel, or undertaking a brand new kitchen. We’ll be here. Giving you the low down on our different product ranges and how they can work for you. Posting articles and helpful tips to get you that functional, aesthetically pleasing kitchen well within your budget. And we’d love to have you along for the ride. So let us know what you’re thinking. You can post your thoughts down below or on our Facebook page. Shoot us an email, give us a call. Or take a break from your screens, and drop by our show room to say hi the old fashioned way.