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Over here at the Rosedale showroom our IT gurus, have been working hard to improve the 3D planner that they created for our customers. Over the past few years this planner has helped hundreds of customers visualize their kitchen designs. Recently they have taken this to the next level, introducing rendering capabilities to our 3D planner.

We believe that the ability to visualize your kitchen prior to finalizing the design is very important. It helps identify areas where you may not like the aesthetics of your current design and/or spots where functionality may be impaired for a variety of reasons. With our 3D planner customers can move cabinets around quickly and easily, allowing them to test out different layout ideas with just a few clicks.

According to Wikipedia, rendering is ‘an automatic process of generating a photorealistic image from a 2D or 3D model.’ So, by combining this rendering functionality into our 3D planner, customers can build their 3D kitchen design and then render a highly realistic image of what it could look like.

There are two options: a preview image or a full render. The preview image takes about 5 minutes to render if there are no other renders waiting in the queue. In comparison, a full render takes at least an hour, normally longer, to render completely. Because of this wait time, when you request a render you enter in your name and email address so a link to download your render can be sent through when it is completed. If there is a queue of other renders being worked on then your render can take longer to process, but it will come we promise!

We strongly recommend you request a preview render first to check you have set up the frame correctly and that you are happy with the placement of your appliances and accessories. If you want a higher quality version of this image once you have finalized these aspects you can then request a full render. One important thing to note is that when you are planning to render your kitchen design, you’ll want to add in a window or two as otherwise the design will have no natural light.

One other addition that has been added along with the introduction of this rendering capability is a collection of accessories, such as benchtop appliances, crockery and flowers, which you can place around your kitchen. Dishes always in your sink? Chuck a couple in there or on the surrounding benchtop so you can make the image realistic for you! Or you’re worried the toaster/microwave will look to imposing in the spot you’ve left for it? Put them into their place in your design and render it to check.

Sound easy? It is!

Go try it out and let us know you’re thoughts by flicking an email through to we’d love to hear from you.

Kitchen render in High Gloss White colour
Kitchen render in High Gloss Black colour
Kitchen render 2 in High Gloss Black colour