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Kitchen Cabinets and Stones Ltd has developed the application (the app) for fast interaction with ordered items.

A purpose of the app is to help customers:

  1. understand that they got all their items from the order or find incorrect ones;
  2. find manuals and videos of how to assemble DIY items;
  3. get access to renders, designs and fees with regards to their order;

The app does not require a registration process. However, to be able to use this app a user needs to provide the order number and phone/email/id related to the order.

The app requires the access to a phone camera. The phone camera will be turned on in order to scan QR codes labelled on the items.

The app uses a web browser to open links with manuals/renders/designs. As an alternative, links on YouTube channel ( may be opened in YouTube app.

The app is using Microsoft App Center to collect analytics and crashes.

The information the app collects for analytics is:

  1. unique app installations;
  2. daily sessions per user;
  3. total sessions;
  4. average sessions per day;
  5. session duration;
  6. average session length;
  7. device model distribution;
  8. OS distribution;
  9. device's geographical location and language settings (The country is determined by the carrier country and requires the device to have a SIM card. The language is the one defined at the OS level by user);
  10. active Users per Version;

The information about crashes does not contain personal information and only related to an accrued software failure.

The app uses additional libraries for its functionality:

  • Xamarin.Forms - MIT (;
  • Newtownsoft.Json - MIT (;
  • LiteDB - MIT (;
  • Microsoft.AppCenter - MIT (;